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In an elegantly designed blend of architectural influences, four unique buildings will shortly rise up along Eindhoven’s Torenallee and Ingenieur Kalffstraat. Each will have its own individual style reflecting the rich industrial heritage of Strijp-S. What’s more, each building will answer to a name borrowed from the Philips dynasty.

We shall start by selling Frits. Who else? The most prominent figure in the Philips dynasty and the largest building. It is the signal to get moving. After all, there are only 87 owner-occupied apartments to allocate. They are available in every price class and a range of designs so there will always be one that really suits you.

Although we will have to wait for Frederik (87 apartments), Maria (26 apartments) and Benjamin (29 apartments), the decision as to whether the home are to be rented or sold is expected to be made in 2019 at the latest.

So what are you waiting for? Take action and write history at a place that until recently was ‘forbidden’ to everyone. Welcome to Strijp-S. We look forward to meeting you!

The high tower

Frits is perhaps the best known member of the family. Although shy, we have linked his name to the building that will soon be towering head and shoulders over Strijp-S. Frits (Frederik Jacques) Philips followed Anton Philips as CEO in 1961 and he is the Philips company’s last CEO to bear the family name.   

A prominent, high-rise tower on Torenallee designed by architect Jeroen Schippers, whose inspiration came from the existing buildings at Strijp-S and from the iconic Velasca Tower in Milan. Comprising nineteen stories, Frits reaches a height of over sixty metres. The building houses 87 apartments ranging from just under 60m2 to an extremely spacious 230m2 two-storey penthouse, featuring what else but a more than generous roof terrace with stunning views!

Rutger Schoenmaker

If I were to describe the project using a number of key words, I would choose contemporary designs with a nod to industry and four characters that form a unit while individually strong enough to stand alone. 

We certainly saw S-West as a challenge because we are talking about high-density housing here. After a lot of sparring, we decided upon four large blocks that fit in with the industrial surroundings.

With its concrete structure, verticality, height and views, the Frits tower is inspired by a silo-like building.

The second block is Frederik, which is a stout block with a no-nonsense character that references the structure of Soho, New York.

Maria is S-West’s third block. The inspiration for this block was derived from the old radio building. It is a fairly linear and monolithic building that protrudes inwards, splitting the courtyard in two.

The fourth block is Benjamin, the wilful one of the four. Along Ing. Kalffstraat, it has shed roofs, while the section adjacent to the NatLab extends backwards.

My designing style is mainly reflected in the plastic/shape of the high tower, Frits, and the staircases that characterise the Frederik housing block, but ultimately, the cooperation and efforts of the whole team are what have produced these stunning results.