S-West, a unique project where you’re sure to write history!

S-West will be an elegant blend of owner-occupied homes, rented homes and commercial space along Torenallee and Ingenieur Kalffstraat

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Always a space

Meet Mobility-S. A mobility platform which, among other things, develops and operates public parking facilities for the cars and bicycles of visitors and residents and invests in innovation in respect of mobility.

Besides basic facilities such as parking for cars and bicycle storage, there is also an excellent power infrastructure for recharging electric cars, bicycles and scooters. Using handy apps, you can also consult the Mobility-S mobility planner on the spot and in real time.

In S-West’s semi-sunken parking garage, a total of 94 parking bays will be created. These parking bays can be purchased separately. This means that not every home automatically has its own parking space. However, even though you live in the city centre, the Mobility-S platform means there is always a place to park your car in the vicinity. This even applies if you own more than one car. Thanks to Mobility-S, you can also arrange parking for visiting family or friends without a hitch.

A subscription to Mobility-S guarantees that you will have a parking spot in the neighbourhood. (is that really the case?)

At Strijp-S, serious thought has gone into mobility and accessibility. Mobility-S’s handy app (or website) gives you real-time, on-the-spot access to this unique mobility platform. Besides basic facilities such as parking for cars and bicycle storage, Mobility-S has also invested in a power infrastructure so you can always recharge your electric cars, bicycles and/or scooters.